In the News: Colorado Catastrophe Claims

In a recent Denver Post article Rising threats to homes lands Colorado among catastrophic states” by Aldo Svaldi on 11/25/12 there were numerous comments about Colorado’s increasing catastrophe claims severity.  This is additional support as to why it is important to review and follow the five steps noted below.  As home repair costs increase and as repairs become more expensive as the result of new building methods Insurance companies will continue to be under more pressure to reduce expenses.  The steps noted in early blog posts are designed to make sure that homeowners recoup the value of the losses incurred during weather-related disasters.  Auditing and getting an additional set of experienced eyes to review the damage and scope are extremely important in making sure that individuals are not impacted by the industry’s seeking areas to improve profitability.  In our interaction with homeowners and insurance companies roofing replacement and repair is an area highly impacted by multiple code and installation guideline issues that can often go overlooked during the process. Flamderichamka .

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