Storm & Hail Damage Roof Repair Services in Golden, CO

One of the reasons many people choose to live in Golden is because this state fully experiences all four seasons each year. But with Golden’s versatility in weather conditions also comes a lot of storms, after which some properties have roof storm damage. Because this is such a common occurrence in Golden, there is a huge marketplace for hail damage roofing repairs, and with so many contractors offering their services, how do you know whom you can trust? In case you have a hail damaged roof atop your Golden house, you need to hire a company that understands the insurance process to allow them to assist you in receiving proper protection for roof storm damage.

Different Types of Hail Damage Incurred by Roofs

The biggest opponent of roofs throughout the Golden area, storm damage, can harm a small component of a rooftop or cause widespread destruction that requires hail damage roof maintenance. The general hail damage roof “rule of thumb” is that chunks of hail are big enough to affect roofing in Golden when they an inch in size or bigger. How much roof storm damage is done depends on the type and age of roofing materials, quality of installation, and specifics of hail density, speed, and angle of impact.

Shingles – will dent, keep a black mark, and cause loss of granules
Shake – can crack or cause a sharp split down the middle
Clay/Slate – can crack or leave gouges in the material
Steel – leaves dent marks on a Golden roof

Insurance Coverage for Golden Hail Damage Roof Repair

Dealing with insurance for a hail broken roof is no fun, and while we cannot physically file a claim for you, we are here to help with the insurance procedure every way we can. After almost 20 years in the Golden hail damage roof repair industry, we've seen it all with regards to policies and can help ensure you get the protection you deserve. A recent “Cosmetic Damage Exclusion” was implemented by the American Association of Insurance Providers, making it harder to be covered in Golden for hail damage roofing repair claims. We make sure insurance adjusters note everything, fight with carriers to ensure they provide maximum coverage, and bill insurance, so our Golden clients with hail damaged roofs don’t need to worry about anything besides the deductible.

Call Us in Golden for Help with Hail Damaged Roofs

If your Golden home got caught in a hailstorm and now has roof storm damage, seek out the aid of Core Contractors, Roofing Systems. Our roofers and roofing contractors have been performing repairs and replacements atop hail damaged Golden roofs since 2001. We have professionals on staff who are aware of many different roofing materials in order to quickly evaluate damages and determine the best route to repair it. Give us a call today. We are able to schedule a free of charge inspection, so a Golden hail damage technician can come out and take a look.

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If you are a Golden, CO home or business owner searching for roof repair contractors to perform some work on your rooftop, look no further than those at Core Contractors, Roofing Systems. Our roof repair company has been providing services to the Golden, CO area since 2001 and can fix any part of any roof. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and received the Denver Business Journal’s 2018 Small Business of the Year award, so you can place your trust in our roof repair services. Give us a call today and get set up with a free estimate for any work warranted by your Golden, CO property’s roof.

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