Core Contractors, Roofing Systems is approved by the Colorado Division of Insurance for Continuing Education to teach Continuing Education courses for insurance agents. We will come to you, or you can come to our office when we have a class scheduled. These courses are free of charge, Core will provide lunch for you and your office staff and then register your class completion with the state and provide you with a certificate of completion. Please see the course breakdowns below or feel free to download the course breakdowns one-sheet here.

If you are interested in either hosting a class at your office our joining us at ours, please email Ashley Karros at: [email protected]

Ethics in the Insurance World
This course is approved by the Colorado Division of Insurance for Continuing Education - Credit - 60328 - 1 Hour

During the course of this class, we attempt to define ethics as it relates to the insurance industry. This course has been designed to reinforce the insurance professional’s ethical competence, contribute to the insurance professional’s understanding of the complexities of ethical decision-making in the insurance industry, and will provide tools to help an insurance professional identify, prevent, and constructively resolve ethical dilemmas. This course reviews several ethical case studies relevant to the insurance professional.

Ethics – Silent Saboteurs
This course is approved by the Colorado Division of Insurance for Continuing Education Credit - 60327 - 1 Hour

Ethical issues continue to dominate the news media, particularly when those involved are political figures, government employers or employees, and large private businesses. The result of these unethical behaviors are usually huge wastes of resources and/or squandering and loss of large amounts of monies. While the focus of most ethical inquiries today are aimed at what can be termed as “spectacular scandals” an increasing number of studies have been made focusing on unethical behaviors that are occurring among employees in the office setting. These studies have demonstrated that 90% of business losses attributable to poor ethical behavior come NOT from those “spectacular scandals” but from what they describe as the “silent saboteurs” — subtle, subversive games people play that damage work relationships, productivity, job satisfaction, and trust in colleagues. These can infect any office including those of insurance agents and their clients, so an understanding of what they are and how to recognize them is critical to having a successful agency. This class will have a discussion leader and use several videos, charts, pictures, and editorial cartoons to make points and clearly demonstrate the negative effect the “silent saboteurs” can create in an office setting.

Catastrophes! What Happens After the Storm?
This course is approved by the Colorado Division of Insurance for Continuing Education - Credit - 60329 - 3 Hours

Disasters don't use daily planners. Therefore, it is important to be fully prepared for any circumstance that may arise. Floods cause significant and largely unpredictable property and business interruption losses each year. National direct property loss due to fires, meanwhile, estimates in the multi-billion-dollar range annually, while wind damage accounts for over 20% of all insurance claims. This course will discuss the emergency procedures necessary when these losses occur, better equipping the insurance professional to handle these catastrophic loss claims in the future and better prepare their clients for such a loss.

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