An Interview on Community Impact with Ryan Groth of Sales Transformation Group

By Cristin Jolee, May 1, 2019

Marketing Director, Tre Rudig, recently had the privilege of sitting down with Ryan Groth of Sales Transformation Group to chat about community engagement, making a difference and changing the stigma around contractors.

Ryan Groth often pivots around two ideas, great business practices and company culture as a litmus test for success. Using these, Sales Transformation Group is on a mission to help every construction contractor in the world have a predictable sales model, experiencing firsthand “contractor nirvana”. This is a world where a contractor has a highly motivated, trained and accountable sales team taking massive action, they’re growing rapidly and you can predict the future and grow at the pace you want for the reason you want.

In this interview, Tre Rudig expands on Core Contractors’s Employee Volunteer Program, COREmmunity Outreach, and explains why both intrinsic and extrinsic impact is quintessential to who Core is as a business and as people. He talks about falling short of their goal in 2018 and their exciting new approach for 2019 that puts the employees in the driver’s seat.

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